Membership Criteria

Criteria for Full Membership

  • Candidates who have completed the training of the IPAA in line with ICP’s training standards for all its member organisations.
  • Any Psychoanalytical Practitioner who is a member of the Psychoanalytic Section of ICP, meets the required training standard and is interested in the ethos and ideas of the IPAA.

Honorary Membership

  • Honorary member: Anyone who is invited by the board to become an honorary member due to their contribution to the field of Psychoanalysis.

Criteria for Associate Membership

There are in general three criteria for associate members:

  • Candidates for full membership, during the time of study and preparation , once relevant training has commenced.
  • People working in related disciplines that have a psychoanalytic outlook or use psychoanalytic insights.
  • People who may not be working in psychoanalysis or related fields to whom the Association wishes to express appreciation for their contributions or collaborations.